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We don’t compromise on the quality of the website, even if it’s a free service. You will get a customized website according to your business, and there’s no catch. You will pay $0 for the fully functional website.

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How it works? What's the Catch?

While a Normal agency Charge you $1000+, we charge you $0

Getting a website by hiring an agency or a company will cost you $1000 – $5000 or even more and added monthly charges.

When you create a website with us, you must subscribe to our maintenance package (at least $99/m) for a year. It’s not like an installment as you will get benefits as well. After a year, you are free to choose any company, we won’t ask you anything. 

While this isn’t beneficial for us, we hope to get additional work from you in the future. As the business grows, business owners come to us for additional services like Digital marketing for the website, designing additional web pages, etc where we can actually make some money. 

Basic Monthly Maintenance Package

What's Inlcuded on the Maintenance Package?

I loved the website

Why Business Needs a Website?

Having a good website makes your business more trustworthy.
You work 8 hrs, but your business should work 24/7.

Terms and Conditions

  1. There’s no website design and development cost.
  2. You will be able to provide logo and colors you like. If you don’t have a logo already, we will design it for you.
  3. The monthly hosting, domain, free email accounts, maintenance and support cost will be $99/month and this is mandatory for all free website customers, if canceled before 1 year, payments for remaining months must be paid.
    So, in total you have to pay $99 monthly, with $0 website cost.
  4. The website will be 1-5 page style, which will include all components of the website (i.e. hero section, services, contact form and info, additional other details)
  5. There will be only 1 free revision on the website (additional revision will cost you $59/h charges)

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